Rabu, 02 Oktober 2013

#WhateverShow, Just Do it !

Stand Up Comedy, a new genre of comedy grew up these 3years became one of entertainment choice to make laughs and a lil' bit "thinking". Iya, they said stand up comedy is a smart comedy. You're not only get laughter but also a thought then and "oh iya ya" on it. So you think you can laugh? :D

A few weeks back i attended stand up comedy show called #WhateverShow. This was my 2nd time watching a SUC performance, after openmic in my campus a year ago and had no idea about what openmic was. I just, engg, okay Fira told that there was Idham, a "former-friend" i knew 3years ago :D. Then by the time i knew, openmic is where comics (standup comedian) can practice and test their new materi (set-punch/bit) and people crowd laughter is a judge. So it will be a "kill" or "bomb" bit.
Just because this is a real show (with any promotion banner on it), i expect more than just a joke on #WhateverShow surely. But as a man of the show, Idham told me that this is a failed show. WHAT? Yaa, since people hold some success shows, it aimed to be different, he told. Oh okay, WHATEVER :|

Concept of the show? There's no. The themes? No no.
They just say what they wanna say, they said.

satu2nya foto yg didapat :D
#WhateverShow featured 5 local comic of @standupindo_sby, they are Ibnu, Idhambangsa, Idhamsyah, Mas Gigs, and Muslim. Each is having different persona (stage style) and material. "internee" MC, Arif, really did his job well, leading the show and warming up the stage.

Ibnu, as opener he stood only +/- 7minutes. Brought some materials about what he've been facing on daily routine as a literature student. From animal hospital to vikivette (?). He was known as absurd comic. Quick talks, so you should keep your ears on him or you'll get away from his material. Then,
Idhambangsa, brought us to more essential "this-is-what-we-paid-for" session. Open by taking relationship as material, he got much laughter by telling us his must-taken-by-car girlfie. He also talked about how difficult we find prostitution in Bali (Kuta exactly) *chuckled* since we'all know that Kuta's place for get-naked-if-you-want, and about his non-english-based friend who knows only 3words : yes, no, and where. He's exactly set up the bit really nice. Combined fact, then he delivered into kill punch. Semua bit ngekill, prosoku. Keren lah pokoknya. Ohya, he's very cute anyway. You know Nizam? Dia kakaknya :D
Idhamsyah, relayed very nice by continuing laughter from Idhambangsa. Taking relationship material to open his perform by telling us how insecure girlfie can act more "curious" than FBI agent, and how girl say "terserah" to every ask. He also talk about wtf happening to virginity test (firstly launched in SumSel) entering schools since we haven't been thinking with groin, yet :p . He smoothly delivered bit into bit. By observing and told the fact, then brought us into nice punch. Welldone, Dham *highfive*
Mas Gigs, father of comic, "nabi" to combud, and "mantan arek STM" :p . He delivered some materials about issues and wrapped into catchy rhyme, made that bit quickly catched up by ears. About how people still break through traffic light and ladies shouldn't chained up with them, boys who broke the TL :p. and the last man of the show,
Muslim, we knew him as maduranesse with red-white-stripes shirt. But you won't find it on that night, wearing formal suit convince us that we're all in his seminar, go diamond! canda ya :D . By using ppt, he delivered "porn materials". How people addicted to a porn, how much in number, how indonesians still left behind the other country since only 3GP appear in youtube, and some about religious thingies. So much materials, a lil bit difficult to clearly catched up the bit in story telling style, indeed. But overall, thanks for sharing about the difference of Japanesse and Indo porn, anyway :|

There's honesty in every worry. There's honesty in a bit.

However, since #WhateverShow labeled as failed show, it's a success (in mainstream definition, exactly) show anyway. The point is, just be brave to hold show/do something that you think its right, whatever people said. Dont be affraid its gonna be success then, all you have to do is, do your best.
Just do it.

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