Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012


P r o b o l i n g g o   O n   L e n s
i just snapped several exciting (at least seen) thingy when living in Probolinggo. because every single picture had its own story and say everything.

Theese 5 photos were captured in Kraksaan Townsquare where "Pasar Rakyat" held by Probolinggo local government for celebrating "Hari Koperasi". Fortunately, i was there.
Another TUGU in Probolinggo
this monument placed in Kraksaan Town Square, Probolinggo. this will ensure the flag waved as its pillar. like another town square, many ceremonial celebration held here, Koperasi Wanita day on a couple month ago for example.
Traditional Opening Dance
that ceremonial celebration for Koperasi Wanita day, started by Traditional Opening Dance show. Its actually for keeping our culture alive. because our culture's our identity who really we are. never forget that you are what your mother country made you!
canting, a traditonal batik hand tool from our Indonesia. its used to apply wax in fine dots and lines on a cloth. wherever the waxs applied, cloth resists the next dye bath that its put in.
Batik Pattern khas Probolinggo
batik manggur, Probolinggo's. a cloth which traditionally made using manual wax-resist dyeing technique. This is traditional batik especially from Probolinggo has notable meanings rooted to the Maduranese conceptualization of the universe. traditional colours include RGB, Red Green Blue, which represent the spirit of the maduranese. tis batik have its own unique pattern. Manggur means, MANGga angGUR. but actually the pattern's normally take themes from everyday lives, incorporating patterns such as flower and fruits. it means that Probolinggo pridelands's good in farming that could make their citizen's prosperous and safe.