Rabu, 23 November 2011

21, Legal and Lethal

"Later on they send me to Hollywood. To make movies. It was all new to me. I was only 21 years old" - Elvis Presley 
it was November 2nd. and i was officially 21. officially legal drinking age. officially called as adult. officially conceptualized in law. asiiik udah boleh nikah. hha. kidding :)) brb. time went so fast since i got nothing done. i feel like mmm i dont know. things like i got undescribeable feeling. happy, sad, regret, proud. let me tell you from the easiest to the hardest feel. cz if i end this curcol with the easiest, happy thing, seems like there's no more to do and my life gonna be happily ever after like a fairytale :) so, thing that made me happy placed on the beginning. i expect this will be a self-reflection by ending with the hardest one. (actually not as hard as it seems sih. hha)

Feel HAPPY, Yeay :))
i guess you know why do i feel happy. yep, exactly. PRESENTS. yeaay! but actually what i need is just about attention and care. feel my existence. feel that there was someone born named LAILUL ILLIYAH with her struggle to stand up and feel many world anomaly. the way they write on my socmed page. the way they say simple happy birthday in the middle of class, warmhug, "cipika-cipiki", jokes, trivias, treat threat forced-asking :)) successfully made teary eyes :') thankies thank you, kakak2 sekalian. i do love love love <3
oh cyber victim. androided myself. thanks dad-mommy :') love
thakies kakak2 almighty :* geng rempong
mbogdhe, SHITi, theese mean a lot. thankies girls :* love it <3
Feel Proud ...
yeay, congratulation for my self. for being cooperative within physics and mental stuff (despite you both are quite having fight sometimes). for having quality time with my assignments along night, till drop. for reaching this line, this 21 line. for facing any kind of world anomaly. for being 21-daddy's girl. for being me totally, with no forced. and for achieving 80% YEAR-RESOLUTION. yeay. Be ready for the next resolution, Dear I am.
next next next :))
Feel sad ...
MIDTERM EXAMS yeay! and my smartphone was getting worse :(( keong! though i got the new one, but i still hoping for its recovery. i still hope "his" pin will be appeared in my contact. hha. i wish :))

Feel regret ...
most regretness this year : not attending my bro graduation :'(( but i ensure myself that im gonna get learn from this way. helping them to improve their health degree, i hope you understand. do appologize :'))
aaand oke. when i read the quote above, i was whispering myself : what u've done along 21 years huh? when elvis presley got his begining of his way to succeed his life, and I'm just right here, sitting in this static chair. But its unfair if i compare to him cz we're just different, totally. he was with his macho-hair, pointed nose :D aand passionately singing. he was damned ROCK! king of rock. hha. But I think, we're just in the same begining, to the new journey. to succeed our life. If elvis had gone  to Hollywood on his 21's, im going to different way. out of my routine. something new. and im sure it will be a blast! joining the world's largest student-run organization focused on providing a platform for proffessional youth leadership development and global network expansion. I never expected before. i have to take this chance. chalenging myself for begining to the world challenge. are curious what organization is, sooo ...... to be continued. hha