Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

Does "Tangan di atas lebih baik daripada tangan di bawah" still show its existence??

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that was my lecture question in a Health Policy and Administration class i've joined a few days ago.
yeah, we knew that it's a mostly-said-proverb around us which have meaning that a giver better than begger. even our parents did it too. try for planting those proverb as a seed in our mind field.
but have you ever think from another side of
that those proverb should not use (or even can't be applied) in marketting?

Marketing is essentially about marshalling the resources of an organization
so that they meet the changing needs of the customer on whom the organization depends.
yeah, we could say that marketing are focused upon customer orientation and satisfaction of customer needs.

"tangan diatas" means giving something. thats a good side of it. but feel it, is it like giving
something that we dont need anymore? or even like a richest give something to the poorest?
you might have your own answer. but the most important one, it means that "tangan diatas"
had pushed his will for giving something. they never want to know even "tangan dibawah"
didn't need it. they didnt care about what "tangan dibawah" needed. they didn't give them THE CHOICE.
"tangan dibawah" means accepting something from the giver. they looks like a begger even they aren't.
they didn't have a choice to choose.

ANALOGY, "tangan diatas" is a marketer who focused upon customer orientation and satisfaction of customer needs.
"tangan dibawah" is customer. AND consumers like choice. They like to choose.
Choose, make them feel comfortable and confident with the product to be bought.
You can just feel that the product that you show to the front of their noses is the best,
but remember, you are NOT them.

Never choose something for consumers, UNLESS they request. Even though they ask for anything,
you should still show and compare it with other options. ensure that in your bussiness consumers have choice.
"Give consumers a choice, and make sure they always know the choices they have.
Choose, make consumers feel valued, confident, and ultimately easier to take the decision to buy."
So, lets say :
tangan diatas lebih baik daripada tangan dibawah.
tapi akan sangat lebih terhormat jika posisi tangan kita equal.
honourable, valuable! 

subject : Marketing of Healthcare Services
lecture : Dr. Setya Haksama, drg., M.Kes