Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

the newest page

" i've made a tumblr, and you may visit "

i dont exactly know what this page really for, but i use as a part of my picturesquene :) enjoy

Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

HNMUN or : is it a sign for?

tuesday, may 10th
oke, sent !! yea, i've sent some pages required by HNMUN's committee, cv and motivation essay at 10.00 am sharp. yes, motivation essay. i never write this kind of writing even in my dream. so, this is my first. i dont know how the motivation essay gonna be like? oke, just try.
see? my begining paragraph is so freaky-weird. hha. is it looks like write on diary??

it is freak. but an amazing thing usually need a brief of. (beneran aneh sumpah!)

wednesday, may 11th
messages received. subject : schedule for interview (may 5th, 04.56 p.m).
it said that i must be there on friday, may 13th at 06.45 p.m or less than. absolutely for interviewing me. what?? interview?? *pingsan. lebay deh :D
HNMUN interview schedule

friday, may 13th
im already arrive at 6.15 p.m on Unair Library (campus B) and Mr. keeper say : NO! you're not allowed for going to AMCOR !!! *horror backsound. mata saya pun mulai berkaca-kaca. berakting dan mulai merayu. " pak, pliiis. saya ada interview nih. bentaaaaarr aja ya pak". and im allowed :D i run as fast as possible (inspired by forest gump) and when im on the 3rd floor of library, dark. theres no light of lamps that turned on, except AMCOR. so im on my way to, till im in front of AMCOR and meet a man with sugar smile. really sweet sweet and sweet. (are you a kind of Logan Lerman? or even Anne hatheway?) and short conversation happened. really short and absurd.
Saya : am i late?
Mas Berkawat Gigi : who are you? (sambil senyuum. maniiiiss banget) :') hha. bukti bahwa saya sungguh bukan artis
S : applicant
MBG : ask to him. a boy wearing brown shirt
im entering the room. i think its not a kind of interview session. theres a tart cake, 17 candle formed, camera, and people around. yea, its AMCOR's birthday. interview postponed. and party begin.

saturday, May 14th
IM SO NERVOUS. somebody calm me down pleaseeeeee. blank. i forget all that i remembered. i lost all that i've prepared. ya Alloh lebay bet deh aku yak. kenapa bisa se nervous ini. jawab ngasal se ngasal2 nya. but i knew what i've said. no shit. and i've tried to give my best. :D aku jadi nyadar, ternyata english fluency ku masih belepotan. need more treatments :D
AND, i forgot all that i answered except a brief part of the question : Whats ur motivation? " everybody can be a nation ambassador on their way. so do i. maybe this is my way. who knows? i just try" i answered.
i knew it seems like just a dream. or maybe my daydreams. i dont care. i just try..
"cause dreams are not foolish"
even John Lenon said
you, you may say im a dreamer
but im not the only one

PS: thanks to @ndiarn and @fee522 for supporting me a lot :D
to @ndiarn: you said that its a sign? yea, u're right. a sign for me to learn more. hha