Selasa, 05 April 2011

what a day!

      today is 3rd of April, 2011. and i will never forget this day. this Precious day. NO! i dont wanna tell you whats the feeling for being forgetful bringing the vehicle regist, or whats the feeling of LABILity so that almost hit the child driving a bike, or even whats the feeling of being SHOCK because of fall down from my pinky-BEAT(ch) (dan menyebabkan makan ketoprak g abis *nyesel.ngais tanah) So, i just wanna show you!
The Evidence
when your mom said DONT, but you do

guys, dont even driving when your mom said NO! or you'll be feel sorry for doing that.
(curahan hati seorang wanita yang jatuh dari motor karena tidak mematuhi perkataan ibunya. sebut saja namanya, bunga)

i just write,

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