Senin, 28 Maret 2011

my brother 22nd's birthday

mukhammad syifa'us siqqi,
suddenly cake
selalu dengan ritual makan bersama

happy birthday my dearest brother,
March 21st, 2011

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

after falling

hey you! it was so long time i did not see ya all :) semester 4 ini tugas mulai tdk berperi-kemahasiswaan. so, i have no more time for caring this blog *padahal fb + twitter ON as always. xoxo
okay i'll tell you whats happen during that long time i've not updating this blog. and jawabannya adalaaaahhh jeng jeng jeng *drum voice... i do nothing :D
oke BRB.
      this time i'll tell you about KHS yang kini sudah ada di tangan. yes, that dangerous-live-report terlambat sampai, and i dont care :D and you know what? the result didnt match with my espectation. maybe its not under the limit. but it was so miserable :( so lets see my freaky-hand-drawing below ...

      okei. IP semester pertama cukup memuaskan. above the target. and thats why i've showed it to my parents, hoping they were happy for it. memasuki semester ke-2, sang IP terjun bebas. mungkin dia pengen bunuh diri. and that was not my fault! *what? and then? salah tetangga?. no! itu adalah salah mata kuliahnya yg nyiksa parah. demi apa coba harus berkutat dg v.sefalika, v.basilika, v.savena parva, and the gank * who're they? i dont know. tanyakan saja pada dokter terdekat. and thats why my first-choice-on-SNMPTN-paper did not reached. hha. dear God, thanks. i know you're gonna gimme the best in another way :) and the last result is not good enough as i wish for. untuk kali ini aku bener2 patut untuk menjudge diriku sebagai liar. Godness. sungguh aku tdk bermaksud untuk tdk menepati janji kepada my dearest dosen wali. i've promised that i'll get better score than before. but i didnt :( no! bukan sepenuhnya nggak menepati janji sih. IPS sih naik, dikit. banget. dan itulah yg menyebabkan IPK tetap turun. sumpah, guilty bgt. so what i've done during the long time after falling with IP semester 2 yg bener2 terjun? dan lagi2 jawabannya adalah, NOTHING. miris.
          IP memang bukan segalanya. but whats the benchmark for knowing that we got the lesson? IP. what did our parents ask before they give our pocket money? IP. what did our friends ask after long time have not see us? IP. IP IP IP. semuanya tanya IP. but c'mon, i do need IP for making my parents smile at me. and also make "that man" accept me to be his job partner. so, i just try for making my score better. i dont wanna fall again. meskipun jatohnya ga sakit2 amat, tp tetep aja judulnya jatoh. and we must stand up after falling.
         to be honest, postingan ini sungguh amat kacau cz im in trouble. tp gpp deh ya, ini khan my own blog. anggep aja curhat sambil lalu. hhe.
eh iya. im listening Little Wonders nya abang Rob Thomas loh! cocok deh. i'll sing it for you :D

let it slide,
let your troubles fall behind you
let it shine
until you feel it all around you
and i don't mind
if it's me you need to turn to
we'll get by,
it's the heart that really matters in the end

so, hidup itu memang harus diperjuangkan. termasuk komponen yg ada di dalamnya. (dan termasuk IP) hha. dapatkan IP setinggi-tingginya :D

i just write,